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LEIGHTON Communications is proud of its long standing relationship as brand and publicity director for Three Time World Champion MLB Pitcher Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda.  Since 2001, Leighton Communications has managed all aspects of the Schillings’ public life including over $10 million raised for charities leveraging the use of the Schilling name, lucrative endorsement deals, a US Air Force One Presidential campaign endorsement tour, multiple USO tours, Curt’s post playing career as an ESPN broadcaster and Shonda Schilling’s NY Times Best Selling book, The Best Kind of Different, Our Family’s Journey With Asperger’s Syndrome.

LEIGHTON  Communications has managed various clients at 14 MLB All-Star Fanfest events and 8 NFL Super Bowl Media Centers, through Championship seasons and MVP awards to maximize the public relations and networking opportunities.

LEIGHTON Communications is proud of its long term relationship with sports auction house, Hunt Auctions. Leighton Communications grew their public relations brand to a nationally recognized name through hundreds of media appearances across multiple media platforms while working with dozens of current players and retired athletes (many in the Hall of Fame) along with their families to publicize the auction of their sports memorabilia collections.  The auctions generate millions of dollars in revenue for the players and their families.

LEIGHTON Communications serves as a public relations and marketing arm for Ted Williams Family Enterprises, Ltd and its principal,  Claudia Williams, the author of Ted Williams, My Father.

LEIGHTON Communications consults with many players who are preparing for  life after they hang up their uniform. Most professional athletes will spend many more years as a retired athlete than as a current player. Leighton Communications strategically plans for what’s next for the athlete.

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slugger museum

LEIGHTON Communications, serves as the national public relations arm for Louisville Slugger Museum &  Factory promoting the blockbuster exhibits at the museum to baseball fans across the country through unique media opportunities.

Client Experience 

  • Curt Schilling

  • Shonda Schilling

  • Shade Foundation

  • ALS Association

  • Comcast SportsNet

  • Harper Collins

  • Ted Williams Family Enterprises, Ltd.

  • Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

  • Hunt Auctions

  • Unequal Technologies, Inc.